Why do we believe in God and Ascetics?

While we make it our point to accuse our enemies saying – “Karma is a bitch”, when it comes to us – We would like to pray and believe that all our sins would be washed different through mere prayers! Some may even go to extents to donate huge amounts of money to the cause. While every person is entitled to their opinions and beliefs, there are a few questions that often distress me. And I actually mean distress and I am not just exaggerating.

I agree. The human mind is a complex structure. While some people get validation out of their work and daily schedule, some people need external validation. For eg. How many of us have prayed to our God to ensure we get at least pass marks in each subject, in every exam! But have we been saved every time. Is it because we didn’t please God enough sometimes or we didn’t study enough. Our minds finds it easy to put the blame on someone and accept false reasons than deal with its problem.

Don’t take me wrong. Belief is a good thing. Believe in your self. Your God is within you, your dreams and aspirations are within you. Only you and your will can help you sail through. It might so happen that you might get lucky a couple of times but that’s just your fate. Don’t base your beliefs on a few random probabilities, that is why it is called a probability primarily.

Believing In our God gives us the strength to keep moving and surpass all obstacles. It’s actually our faith and Belief in ourselves being mirrored as devotion. Like I said earlier – external validation.

All of these beliefs that I spoke about is absolutely fine as long it’s constructive. As soon as if turns destructive and affects your life and peace of mind, that’s utterly wrong. Why would God, who we believe is the creator want to destroy his creations. Why would he want you to practise penance or flog yourself or the likes? Like a mother can’t hurt her child, same is with God.

I believe the actual culprits are the ascetics or Sadhus or Babas as we know them. While some of them are really inspirational, I have to say. These people inspire us to lead better lives, exercise and meditate and have a healthy well being( I don’t want to name any to avoid controversies.) Otherwise most of these phonies exploit us on our supreme devotion we have towards achieving/ gaining something by robbing us of money, asking for our alliance and sometimes weird donations which go as extreme as donating body parts. I will always maintain, God is the supreme power. He doesn’t want anything from us,especially not money since we created it and most importantly not sacrifices. These phony well wishers use religion, status, gender and everything possible to create a split in followers and non followers. So we have no need to believe in agents or followers of God. We Can believe in him ourselves. No support required! Believe in yourself, you might and will fail innumerable times. Just get up, treat your scars of war and move on, flaunting them proudly.


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