Manushi Chillar

Miss World 2017- Manushi Chillar

# 30 day writing challenge
# Day 4

17 years later “We have a successor”. As Priyanka Chopra warmly congratulated her and reminded the country that it took us 17 years to get the crown back. For those of who think we haven’t been able to produce a model who could go ahead and rule the world, where now we know where the problem is.
We look for beauty and physique and everything external. If you actually see the whole concept of the Miss World Beauty Pageant might be wrong as well. Why do we look for the most beautiful girl in the world? We can go look for the most influential, most presentable. But we look for beauty. Which is why we haven’t been able to win this title for so long.
Irrespective of what we say, a woman of substance, an educated, qualified woman catches more attention. Let us see Manushi Chillar. Born to parents who are doctors she too took this profession, studying medical from Bhagat Phool Singh Medical College in Sonipat. Not only this she has been an active member of Project Shakti which had the goal of spreading awareness about menstrual health. For this, she visited over 20 villages and treated 5,000 women.
Remember her answer to – “Which is the profession that deserves the most salary?” She replied saying, a mother deserves the highest salary because of the sacrifices she makes to raise up her child. Well, now we know why she was selected over 100+ partipants. Beauty with brains, progressive with empathy – She is the right mix of both.
Also, the way she handles jokes about her surname (hint Shashi Tharoor’s joke) proves that she is really sassy and a as 20 year old she has a long long way to go.
As a whole, a good choice, but I still believe the main concept of Miss World still is based on Beauty and should be modified to ensure an all-round evaluation of the girl.


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