A heart touching love story in a parallel world!

A heart touching love story in a parallel world!

It was half past midnight while we sat on the terrace of our society. “What was it that you wanted to tell me?” he repeated. I was too busy soaking the breezy climate of Bangalore. “Will you tell now and let me go sleep? I start for office at 7!” I looked at him, an anticipating face, a well-defined jawline, and almond-shaped eyes to match his dusky hue. “I am going to, can you wait?” I replied. But I couldn’t wait much longer. “You have stood by me all the time, taken care of me while I was ill.” He gave me a warm smile, still perplexed. Was I telling him a thank you at 1’o clock at night?

“Is it what you wanted to tell me, now?”

“No, will you give me a chance to speak!”

“I am giving, what is it, tell me.”

I knew I could never muster enough courage and it was best to blurt it out than keep a knotted stomach.

“Umm, I think, I mean I feel”

A blank expression on his face.

“Okay, I like you, a lot really!”

There I had said it. It did feel much better knowing I had conveyed what I always felt for him. I felt great. I saw a small smile on his face, but I knew the bigger problem was not yet over. I felt a lump going down my throat. I had to do this and do it before he said something.

“I know you do not feel the same way about me, and that is absolutely all right. I don’t expect an answer from you yet, or until you are ready.”

“You know you are very sweet and I don’t even know if I deserve you at all. But…”

“A wise man once said anything you say before a but doesn’t count,” I mumbled and we burst out laughing. I did not want this to come in way of our amazing chemistry. “Don’t feel obliged to tell me anything now.” With or without my feelings he still remained my confidante. And off we went to our homes, content!

We are meant to be together. If not in this world, a parallel world!

(Which might only exist in the realms of my mind)


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