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Have you found yourself introspecting and seeking answers to question that plague the heart and mind? How often do we sit down and contemplate on these issues affecting us, even if marginally? I decided to do the same, sit down every day and find out the answers to my questions and concerns. I will put it across in this blog and would love to hear diverse viewpoints.


Okay, so maybe a little about ME!

Aditi Chakraborty

Writer/Fashion Enthusiast/Jack of all traits

This column stumps me all the time. Don’t really know what I am good at. Maybe jack of all traits?? Maybe not! But I do know for a fact I am passionate about food, clothes, reading, and writing. I may have been bitten by the recent “blogging” bug catching up and decided to start this one. But I assure you all content is original and carefully researched. Currently working with Manipal Global and I got the degrees deemed necessary in modern times (Undergraduate from NIFT, PGDM from TAPMI and a few other certifications)

Statutory Warning: All opinions and ideas are my own and any resemblance to any person or thing is purely coincidental 😛

PS: All photo credits and references duly given.