Sabyasachi Mukherjee - A craftsmanship Genius!

Sabyasachi – A craftsmanship genius

Anybody who has even a faint idea of Fashion, especially Apparels definitely knows Sabyasachi Mukherjee, a graduate from National Institute of Fashion Technology, Kolkata in 1999 and there has been no looking back. He started his own label called Sabyasachi itself. Today a bride takes pride in being a Sabyasachi bride. He attributes his impeccable taste in fashion and craft to his early days spent in art and music and his parents’ deep interest in arts.

A lot of people would like to debate on his design and aesthetic inclinations but one cannot ignore his eclectic sense in apparels and jewelry. What strikes out most about his designs is that it is always a complete package. Starting with a Lehenga (let us the take the example of a Firdaus collection as pictured below.) followed by accessories – A Matha Patti, nose ring, chandelier or dangler earrings and plenty of intricately carved rings on your finger. Not only that, he supervises the hairstyles, makeup and overall feel of the dress too. Genius isn’t it? No wonder the bride is called a Sabyasachi bride. She is dressed in his vision. But I would point out one thing, he is not a dictator and does not force his ideas on his clients. He observes his clients, speaks with them and based on his assessment of personality he creates the look and he loves critical feedback!


Sabyasachi has taken a lot of time to cultivate and evolve his taste in Fashion and accessories. From basic prints to intricate hand embroidery to reviving heritage called Save the Saree where he retails hand-woven Indian sarees on a non-profit basis priced at 3500 & the entire proceed goes to the weavers of Murshidabad. Similarly, he has taken up the task of reviving various heritage handlooms which otherwise would get lost in overexploitation. Another brilliant example is the Benarasi from Benaras (Yeah obviously!) He has not only revived it and created beautiful designs of it, he has actually got the attention of a lot of designers/buyers by launching his collections.

Sabyasachis’s Career

The most exciting part about Sabyasachi’s career, I believe was the show – Bang Baja Bride. While it started with other designers designing the bride’s D-Day dress, Sabyasachi took over and very soon there was no looking back. He designed the entire trousseau and monitored the bride’s holistic looks and appeal. The dresses, of course, were pure magic!

He has become so popular that most of the Bollywood brides have chosen him as their preferred designer. Bipasha Basu, Kareena Kapoor, Soha Ali Khan, Asin and many more. He has been the top favorite for various events and parties. From Filmfare to Cannes, he is been there done it all. 😀 . Maybe what attracts his clients is the fact that he is not commercial, On the contrary, he is a Craftsmanship genius. Each piece that comes out of his expertise is a beautifully crafted, well thought and brilliantly executed piece.

On the next blog: Sabyasachi’s Jewelry Launch Collection!

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Are you comfortable with your body? It’s time to wake up!

Are you comfortable with your body? It’s time to wake up!

Surprised? Of course, you must be. Throughout our growing years, our parents, friends, and family have supported us while saying, “be proud of who you are! Be comfortable with yourself and your body” We have all been asked never to listen to our haters. But I think it is the time to wake up. As long as you work out on your mind and body, you can be comfortable about it. But comfort leads to complacency in most cases. Most women gain a couple of kilos in their early 20’s. Since we consider it as absolutely normal we move on “embracing” our body types and a few extra kilos. Similarly, we move on the late twenties, another few kilos! We sometimes attribute it to the stress in work lives or the premarital glow before your weddings.

This keeps going on a for a few years if not decades before we realize we have gained a substantial amount of weight and start looking for quick fixes to reduce it. Subsequently, we resort to diet fads, hardcore training, and gymming (for some of them still have the energy and enthusiasm). The others who aren’t capable of dedicating time to looking after their body decide to spend a huge amount of money on dieticians, nutritionists, and personal trainers. So do you realize it’s basically our age-old gyaan that destroyed our bodies?

I have been a victim of this gyaan myself. What started as a healthy weight gain after school life ended up in a 20-kilo weight gain and a lot of mental trauma. Major reasons for this – Being comfortable with my body, procrastination and excessive torture to my body in terms of late nights and spicy and rich food. Now when you realize this and understand you shouldn’t be comfortable with your bodies but take care of it better, it takes efforts manifold to lose the same weight I could have done in a couple of months, earlier.

So what can you do? Well like we always say now is always the best time to start. I can write this with extreme confidence since I have been doing this for a couple of months and seeing results as well.

What you can do is simple. Start with monitoring your diet. For the next 7 days carry a sheet of paper with you, whenever you have something write it down along with the time. (If it is difficult doing this, fill the sheet up at night or whenever you get free but do it the same day. Follow it up for the next 7 days. If you are happy with your food habits, you may stop reading here. (Since I found mistakes in my pattern and explored options from there onwards). In case you do find you are eating more or less at any time then there is a problem, which can easily be corrected, read more about it in the next blog! Till then take care!

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Well here is another blog among million others!! I say I am writing it for personal consumption but as we all know I am craving for attention too! Often I find the urge to write and speak about things that affect me. Now I know I can go ahead and write what I please. It will be there for the world to view (Well I am assuming a few people might take the time to read it.) Here I will put up a range of topics. Fashion, poetry, Event management, heartbreaks and daily issues trending online and otherwise. This gives me a lot of power to write and edit my own content. So go ahead, read it if you please but criticize it you must.

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Have you found yourself introspecting and seeking answers to question that plague the heart and mind? How often do we sit down and contemplate on these issues affecting us, even if marginally? I decided to do the same, sit down every day and find out the answers to my questions and concerns. I will put it across in this blog and would love to hear diverse viewpoints.

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